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Our ILIP produce trays have been designed for a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and are available in several versions:

  • bottom/side for suction cups
  • rounded/squared bottoms
  • internal/external ribs
  • various weights and colours

In this way we can meet all your specific packing requirements whether they be manual or for automatic packaging machinery (e.g. extensible, flow-pack, top sealable films, etc.).

Extensive care is always taken at the design & development stages to guarantee a perfect operation with all main automatic de-nesting equipment. All our ILIP trays are tested and approved by the main automatic machinery producers.

The suitability of our raw materials, together with a production process compliant with the maximum quality and hygiene standards gives you peace of mind ensuring the correct storage & shelf life of fruit and vegetables whilst both in transit and at point-of-sale.


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