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Packaging in film is not only an economical way to present your products but it improves shelf-life, light weight, reduces waste and is easy to handle and distribute from packhouse to home.

From plain BOPP through mono PET to complex lidding films coupled with up to 10 colour printing, we have the product knowledge and the ability to match the right product with a carrier if required to get your product mix right first time.

All films available in a range of guages, macro and micro punch with anti-fog or standard treatment.

Suitable for:

  • meat
  • fish
  • processed meats
  • dairy
  • produce
  • bakery
  • convenience
  • confectionary

OPP film: 

Biaxally orientated polypropylene for us of VFFS and HFFS. Can be perforated, printed and centrefolded.

PET / PE film:

Polyester/polythene construction providing weld seal to itself when used on flow wrap machines or as a lidding film to trays.

Available in low, medium and high gas barrier grades. Ability to seal through contamination.    

PET / PE universal peal seal:

Polyester/polythene contstruction providing a peal seal application for pre-formed trays and as a top web for thermo forming.

PA / PE film:

Nylon polythene construction designed for thermoforming as a base web. Available with EVOH as a high barrier alternative for gas flushing.

OPA / PE film:

Orientated nylon and polythene provides a medium barrier, higher strength for thermoforming.









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